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JUNE 25 28th, 2004

 Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Rocky Mountain Gorilla Workshop would like to thank the following contributors to the Travel Grant Program:






Courtesy of Gorilla Haven and the Dewar Wildlife Trust



Garth Irvine and the Calgary Zoo's Education Department









                           The Fort Worth AAZK Chapter

                                         Trudy Lee

                                         Cathy Page

                              Janet Shier and David Shier


         The 2004 Rocky Mountain Gorilla Workshop and the Calgary Zoo would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their generous  support. Without their financial assistance this conference would not be possible.

             Bridge Brand Food Services Ltd.

            Canadian Aero Accessories Ltd.

            Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 37

            Catherine L. McAvoy Professional Corporation

            Cott Beverages Canada

            Earth Signal Processing Ltd.

            Home Place Ranch

            Invesco Mortgage Inc.

            Linda M. Uniat Professional Corporation

            Mathewson Oils Limited

            Nexen Inc.

            Qmax Solutions Inc.

            Sauverwald Computer Consulting

            Wallace Galleries Ltd.

            Spolumbos Fine Foods

Travel Grant Recipients

The Travel Grant was created to allow gorilla workers an equal opportunity to share and exchange ideas and experiences. Following are the two individuals selected for the 2004 Rocky Mountain Gorilla Workshop in Calgary.

 Marcela Chechova

Lukovska Zoo, Czech Republic

Marcela is a keeper at the Lukovska Zoo in the town of Zlin Lesna, Czech Republic. She graduated from the Kromeriz Veterinary High School in 1991. She has been looking after two gorillas since their arrival in 1997. Marcela is eager to exchange ideas on the husbandry and enrichment of gorillas.


Chantal Shalukoma

Lwiro Sanctuary, Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Democratic Republic of Congo 

Chantal has worked in Kahuzi-Biega National Park since 1992. Beginning in May 2000, she has been responsible for the Lwiro Sancutary, in which confiscated gorillas are held. This front-line area is besieged by war and instability. Chantal is looking for knowledge, advice and support on how to keep gorillas alive in this difficult situation.


TO DOWNLOAD A TRAVEL GRANT APPLICATION :   CLICK HERE