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PRE-WORKSHOP TOUR ( June 25th, 2004)- $45.00 US per person


  You will be transferred into the badlands of Alberta. View the spectacular geological badlands formations representing 70 million years of history carved in the land. An excellent opportunity to learn about our prehistoric and present day environments as well as the inhabitants. You will visit the Royal Tyrell Museum, one of the world’s largest with over 200 dinosaur specimens on display. Complete your day with a motor coach excursion along Dinosaur Trail for views of Hoodoos, the Swinging Bridge and Horseshoe Canyon – ending back in Calgary.

Dinosaurs have been part of the Calgary Zoo heritage since 1929. "Dinny" the Dinosaur is a famous Zoo and Calgary landmark. In the 1980's an impressive Dinosaur Park was added to the Zoo and continues to be a crowd favorite.

POST-WORKSHOP TOUR ( June 29th, 2004)- $45.00 US per person 


  A full day trip to Banff National Park, located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  Experience the alpine beauty of Lake Louise and the mountain views of Banff.  We will follow the Trans Canada Highway, watching the Olympic city dissolve into the foothills, as the majestic Rockies rise ahead.  We will pass by the Three Sisters, Fairholme and Rundle Range enroute to one of the best known destinations in the Rockies.